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Well it all started back in the early nineties. I had started Foundation Skateboards in 1989 and after a few struggling years we final had some success and became a established and stable brand within the skateboarding culture. I had been dreaming about building the World's Biggest Skateboard for some time. I can't remember exactly how we came up with the dimensions but I think we started with deciding we would use car tires and wheels and let that dictate the rest. My woodworking friend, Dana Hardy, embarked on the construction of the deck. A all wood double kick 12' x 4' deck. Dana did a excellent job. Damon Mills was a long time Foundation employee that ran the board screening department. He painted and silkscreened the graphics onto the completed deck.  Friend and metal working extrodinaire, Greg Winter, fabricated the trucks based on the wheels and deck size. He came up with a great method to fabricate the rubber bushings. These trucks are just like their smaller counterparts. They have rubber bushing, pivot cups, a kingpin with a kingpin nut that can be adjusted.  The trucks are mounted to the deck with large bolts and the wheels mounted to the trucks via axl bearings.

The completed assembled giant skateboard functions the same as a smaller skateboard. When you lean it turns. In this case it take 4-5 people to make it turn. Everyone riding has to collectively stand on one side of the deck to make it turn in that direction. And just like a real skateboard it rebounds to straight when weight is centered. It is certified as the World's Biggest Skateboard by the Guinness World Records. It appeared on Ripley's Believe It or Not televison show and in Ripley's printed book. It has travelled and appeared at events all over the south west and even travelled to an event in Vancouver, Canada. It has been featured in FHM magazine all over the world.

Foundation Skateboards is a premium skateboard company that sponsors professional and amatuer riders. These riders are featured in magazines, videos and travel around the world for demonstrations, contests and tours. Our company mission is to push the envelope of art of skateboarding, support the skateboarding culture and create exciting, forward thinking products for skateboarders around the world. We sell to retail stores all over the United States and export to over 45 countires around the world.

Please contact us for further information about the World's Biggest Skateboard or Foundation Skateboard Co.

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