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GWR Cert

Not long after we completed building the WBS in 1996 we applied to the Guiness World Records. We applied twice officially. The first application was lost in process. We applied again and that one was finally accepted and certified on Oct 4th 2004. We dropped the ball by not keeping on top of the application. We received 4 stamped and signed certificates, one for each of the builders on the project as seen to the left. Tod Swank was the project founder and designer. Greg Winter fabricated the trucks. Dana Hardy (spelled wrong on certificate) fabricated the deck. And Damon Mills painted and screened the deck.
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GWR Letter

Here is the letter that accompanied the certificates.
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GWR Envelope

And the envelope that it all came in.
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Being officially certified by Guinness doesn't guarantee placement in the annual book but we graced the 2006 print edition.
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GWR 2006 

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